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December 07, 2018

There was a moment in court this week when it felt like Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán was no longer the one on trial. It came when a former Colombian drug kingpin known as Chupeta (or, Lollipop) was under cross-examination from the defense.

December 07, 2018

El Chapo's trial is shown video of dramatic raid on submarine laden with cocaine worth $100 million en route to Mexico - where drug kingpin's Sinaloa cartel would hide it in shoeboxes, oil tankers and even cans of jalapeno peppers to sneak it into the US

November 21, 2018

During his cross examination of ex-cartel lieutenant Jesus Zambada Garcia, Purpura was an underdog with the swagger of a champion. 

November 11, 2018

Meet the $5m 'Dream Team' El Chapo is pinning his hopes on...

November 20, 2018

But there's no doubt Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán’s three-man trial defense team have spent decades perfecting their craft – defending some of the most high-profile, dangerous accused criminals on the planet.

November 01, 2018

How a lawyer from Baltimore came to defend the world’s most notorious drug lord

November 19, 2018

“Do you know what a telenovela is?” defense attorney William Purpura asked, earning a laugh from the gallery and a shrug from Jesus “El Rey” Zambada Garcia, Guzman’s former deputy. “Have you ever written for one?”

November 20, 2018

During questioning by defense lawyer William Purpura in Brooklyn federal court, it was revealed that Zambada lived in Las Vegas for six months while he was in high school at the age of 14 and drove around in a Porsche.

“He gifted it to me,” Zambada said, referring to his brother-in-law, Antonio Cruz Vazquez — who was busted in a large-scale heroin ring — when Purpura asked him about the high-end car.

Purpura then commented: “That’s a pretty good gift,” to which Zambada casually responded, “Luck.”

November 15, 2018

In the Courtroom With El Chapo: Meet the Attorneys Handling the Alleged Kingpin's Trial

Guzman’s wife Emma Coronel Aispuro speaks to reporters in Spanish next to attorneys Eduardo Balarezo, left, and William Purpura, right.

April 17, 2018

Brooklyn Daily Eagle 

April 17, 2018

The prospective jurors — all residents of the Eastern District of New York, which comprises Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island and Staten Island — will be given a 20-page questionnaire to fill out on July 31, defense attorney William Purpura said. Eventually, 12 jurors and six alternates will be seated.

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Purpura & Balarezo at murder scene in federal death penalty case

January 01, 2020

United States v. Patrick Byers

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